Who we are

MarineSAFE training is a collaboration between
  • NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen
  • NZ Fishing Health and Safety Forum
  • Guard Safety
  • YOU!
  • And was supported by ACC's Workplace Injury Prevention Grant
“Our aim is to lead and coordinate a national training programme (MarineSAFE) to enhance the wellbeing and productivity of New Zealand commercial fishermen through improved health and safety awareness and practices.”
Since early 2019, ACC have been making grants available to organisations who can help solve workplace health and safety problems that affect multiple businesses in New Zealand. These grants are used to carry out projects around innovation, capability building and research, and then the benefits are shared across industries. The idea is to support those who can collaborate to improve workplace health and safety for many businesses and their workers.
The NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen, partnered with Guard Safety, have successfully received a grant from ACC in support of the MarineSAFE project.
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MarineSAFE training programmes are developed working closely with industry stakeholders to ensure training is realistic and relevant for each sector. 
We are not a regulator or government department or training institute. We are a group of industry people wanting to provide industry with useful, practical, maritime training tools.
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MarineSAfe developers

Meet our core team

NZ Federation of Commercial Fisherman

Project sponsor
Back in 1953, a group of Southern fishers got together to stand up and give a voice for the small guys trying to earn a crust fishing. It didn’t take long for our North Island mates to jump on board and we’re now proud to be the recognised national body for owner-operator fishers and anyone who cares about our coastal communities. The NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen is the Project Sponsor for the MarineSAFE initiative.

Guard Safety

Module Development & Project manager
Guard Safety are health, wellbeing, and safety specialists, providing services in both maritime and primary industries since 2015. We aim to help businesses create a safety culture in the workplace that is simple, effective, and compliant. We are a practical team of professionals with formal qualifications, but generations of experience in the maritime sector.
Responsible for project management of MarineSAFE and development of all modules.

OneBite Consulting

Module Development & LMS Management
With a background in Health and Safety and Education, OneBite Consulting assists in the development of the MarineSAFE modules and provides an overarching review to ensure we meet the outcomes and objectives established for each module including assessment criteria.  They are also responsible for Management of the LMS.

NakedEye Digital Vision

Video Footage
Since 2006, NakedEye Digital Vision has been filming stories that matter. They cover news and current affairs for New Zealand and international media, shoot for documentaries, and film significant corporate and local events. NakedEye Digital Vision have been partnering with Guard Safety to develop training resources since 2017 and are the digital resource experts creating the MarineSAFE modules.

We'd like to thank our sponsors and contributors to MarineSAFE

NZ Shipwreck Welfare Trust

Madhouse Limited

Pegasus Fishing Limited

Reader Fishing Limited

Richardson Fishing Company Limited

Wildfish (NZ) Ltd