What we do

Our Philosophy

The MarineSAFE philosophy for training is to keep it real and less is more! If you want to do a Masters or PhD then look elsewhere.
Our courses are enjoyable, short, video based, realistic, useful and will demonstrate compliance and most importantly help your crew remain healthy and safe.
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We are here to create new possibilities

We believe in on-going education and keeping up with state-of-the-art technology and industry standards.
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Online courses

We can develop courses for your industry that meets your learning outcomes and prepares everyone for the real world.

Private LMS

To ensure students can access these courses anywhere & anytime we can provide you with your own private portal to our LMS.  You can manage and track user completions without the requirement for costly software.

State of the art technology

We use a range of formats including video 2d and 360 format, images, animation, SCORM, assessments, interactivity, assignments and, e-books.
The MarineSAFE voyage continues to keep seafarers & landlubbers healthy and safe
Video based learning

Video & Animation examples

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