What We Do​

Our philosophy

The MarineSAFE philosophy for training is to keep it real and less is more! If you want to do a Masters or PhD then look elsewhere.

Our courses are enjoyable, short, video based, realistic, useful and will demonstrate compliance and most importantly help your crew remain healthy and safe.

How do we build our courses?

Ask the industry what they need

Research the topic and risk factors

Industry to identify desired outcomes and objectives

Design the process by creating a storyboard identifying the required images, footage and words

Capture footage and other required material

Postproduction – build it

Trial it with industry and get feedback

Final design loaded to online system

Ongoing industry feedback and development

The MarineSAFE voyage continues to keep seafarers healthy and safe

Need online training tailored for your organisation?

If you would like us to build MarineSAFE courses tailored for your operation, then please contact us.

Life jacket safety examples

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The First Phase

The first phase of the MarineSAFE project is intended for the inshore fishing industry with the aim of growing and developing in all seafood sectors.  In this first phase we will design, develop and deliver 8 online learning modules with assessments and run promotional workshops in 4 key fishing regions by 30 June 2021.

Further tailored resources will be developed after this initial phase and available to the wider fishing and aquaculture industry as the MarineSAFE voyage continues.

The first 8 resources are FREE!

MarineSAFE has been supported by ACC and the NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen so the first 8 resources developed are FREE and available to all fishers and others keen to learn about our industry.

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